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South Midlands Communications Ltd are proud to support the complete range of high quality Lambda Antenna products and provide advanced coverage engineering.

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Be it Antenna, Duplexers & filters, Combiners & multicouplers,
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Directive Omnidirectional antennas & antennas.
Directive panel antennas, single or dual polarization.
Base station.
Indoor and outdoor.
Mobile antennas.
GPS + Tetra + GSM Mobile Antennas.


L/C and cavity filters.
Pass and Reject band filters.
Low and duplexers and high power combiners.
Low loss and high Q.

Passive Components

Duplexors & Cavities.


Hybrid & Circulator Combiners.
Hybrid Couplers.

Target Coverage Scenarios

Complete management indoor-outdoor coverage

  • Skilled and expertise engineering team.
  • Site-surveys and coverage measurements on site

Coverage Supply Equipment’s

DAS & RF System Coverage Equipment
– Digital Repeaters. Medium & High Power
– Master Units.
– Remote Units.
– Echo-Cancellation System (Optionally)

– Indoor / Outdoor Full Band Panel Antennas
– Indoor /Outdoor Full Band Omni Antennas
– Indoor /Outdoor Full Band Log Periodic Antennas

Passive Elements and RF Cables / Optical Fiber
– Splitters
– Directional Couplers
– Coaxial Cables
– Optical fiber cables

Management & Coverage Measurements

Complete management indoor-outdoor coverage projects.
Engineering team – Skills and Expertise.
Site-surveys and coverage measurements on site.
Coverage sites Indoor-Outdoor measurements with vector network R&S analyzers
( Rhode & Schwarz.100 kHz to 8.0 GHz) and Log Periodic antennas.
Coverage Project Simulation ( Ibwave option).
All Coverage Technologies: DMR / P25 / Tetra / Tetrapol / Cellular / WIFI.

Complete Telecommunications Solutions

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